My Art

I create custom art in a variety of different styles --
oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media and collage.  In these mediums, I do house portraits, pet portraits and memories of special places or events.  Let me create a piece of art to capture something special to you!

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Mixed Media/Collage
  • Shells
  • Fishy Fishy Fishy!
  • Night Watch
  • Corporate Art - i360 Group
  • Courtyard at the Ringling
  • Plover
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Contemplation
  • Castaway
  • Everett's Story
  • Rollin' In the Deep
  • 4383 Joy Drive
  • Florence
  • Mr. White & Rusty
  • Lily Elizabeth
  • Sandhill Crane
  • Everett's Rocks
  • Self-portrait at the Art Fair
  • Portrait of Megan
  • The Collection