“Memories of Father”

I was compelled to put this painting together after the recent passing of my father.  I spent nearly 2 months caring for him at the end of his life and was honored that I was able to safely see him to the gates of heaven.  These items were little tidbits from his daily life that I remember from my youth.  The little dog was a dresser caddy that sat on his dresser for as long as I could remember.  His class ring sits in the dog’s little bowl.  The key was to the house I grew up in and the tag used to be issued to Illinois drivers when you got your new plates – a gift with purchase!  The widget hanging off the dog’s ear was a little tool that came from Sears & Roebuck.  The 8 ball was from a mini pool table that we got one Christmas.  The cup was purchased by me as a child with my pennies saved from my allowance.  The rosary and penny were his too.  He used to tell us to “pray the rosary” if we were bored or read, The Lives of the Saints, which is the book featured.  Lastly, the hat was a delight that he found while on a trip – a navy vessel with our name on it!  I could have added many other bits that spoke of his life as well – his camera, his softball, his pocket knife, an orange, his K-Mart “kruddies” that he liked to wear.  All these little bits remind me of him, his gentle spirit, his kind words and his loving thoughts.  I keep you close to my heart always.