As this corona virus lingers on, we are safe and happy here in our paradise in Florida.  I am so glad we made the move and have not regretted it for one second!  The move was made sweeter by the fact that our son, daughter in law and grandson temporarily moved in with us in September!  While they house hunt, we are quarentined together.  The newest member of the family is scheduled to arrive soon (its a girl)!

Not thinking we would have long-term guests, I began construction on my art studio.  I took out a wall, added a big window for lots of natural light and cabinets to store everything I could ever possibly want or need!  I estimated it to be a 2 month project that would be fairly simple to execute.  Anyone who has ever done construction knows that nothing ever goes as quickly as you would like.  So here we are, almost 5 months in and we are getting closer, but still not finished!  It’s hard to finish a project when the workers don’t show up!

I’ve set up my temporary studio in the room that was for my grandson and will need to soon become the nursery.  I have been fortunate enough to have a place to paint during all the chaos, but the clock is ticking on my eviction!  I have ranted, cried and breathed deeply, but in the end, I just come back to my “studio” and lose myself in my art.  I ask for patience and good humor to see me through and look forward to having all this behind me.  Stay safe, breathe deeply and love the ones you are lucky to have.